Security alert


Hoax Email:

Incorpore employs a wide range of security measures to ensure that your transactions and information are protected. However please be aware that fraudulent emails have been distributed which appear to be sent from Incorpore, requesting you to provide private/commercially sensitive information.

One of the most prevalent methods of scams is phishing. "Phishing:" (pronounced fishing ) emails are used by fraudsters to trick people into revealing personal information such as bank account details. They then use this information for illegal purposes, such as transferring funds or purchasing goods. Phishing emails will look as though they come from a bank or other financial institution, and may include links to a convincing replica home page. Never click on a link in an email that looks suspicious.

What to look for:

With more communication being conducted through email, it is important to always be aware and alert to any form of unsolicited request to provide your private information. Phishing often conveys a sense of urgency, prompting the recipient to respond immediately without thinking, such as suspended account access due to potential security breaches. Incorpore upholds strict security standards and processes, and does not use or endorse the use of emails for disclosure of personal or account information.

What to do:

If you receive any suspicious email message requesting account reactivation for online services such as Investor Centre, there are some steps you could take to protect yourself from online threats.

  • - Phishing scams will require you to update your details by clicking on a link within the email. Under no circumstance should you click on that link, reply to the email or provide any of the requested details.

  • - If you have responded to any email by providing your confidential information, please contact us immediately.

  • - Only in very exceptional circumstances will we ever ask you to fax us and we will never specify fax as the only communication option. We will never ask you to tell us your PIN or password.

  • - Incorpore takes scams and email hoaxes seriously. Please forward your reports to (you can also send us screenshots of suspicious text messages you have received or let us know about scam phones calls/voicemails by sending us phone numbers). or you can report it here

Hoax Email Example: